Our approach is simple:

Google Workspace
and nothing else

One product. No distractions. Better support.

Scroll down to check what we do, or skip the reading and ask us what you need to know. We won’t waste your time.

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We provide services in the following languages:

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Unlock the full potential
of Google Workspace

with a Technical Account Manager by your side

What we do for you (for free):
  • Keep your account safe and updated
  • Provide support for Admins and users
  • Upgrade your support with Google
  • Provide advice about 3rd-Parties
  • Save you time & keep you productive

We are all


A lot more for the same price

Cloud Guardians

Google’s official Support

Most of the other Partners

Technical Account Manager (TAM)

Premium hands-on troubleshooting

Limited / Paid

Remote control troubleshooting

Limited / Paid

Screen sharing (view-only) support

Admin Console configurations

User-specific configurations

Limited / Paid

Domain / DNS zone configurations

Limited / Paid

Recommendations about 3rd-parties

Limited / Paid

Limited number of accounts per TAM

Ongoing account auditing(1)

Limited / Paid

Complete account management(2)

/ Paid

Dedicated administrators(3)

/ Paid

Discounted pricing(4)

SLA with Google (vs direct customers)




Premium support for core services

Always Free

Paid Addon

Paid Addon

1 – Initial and upon-request Auditing included on all plans. Ongoing Auditing available for medium-sized accounts | 2 – Available for medium-sized accounts | 3 – Available for enterprise-sized accounts | 4 – Available for eligible accounts
NOTE: Your account will have our Premium support and direct support from Google.

Billing &


We have access to partner-specific information about occasional discount campaigns for certain account types. And, contrary to other Google Partners, we extend those discounts to you!

Invoicing and Payments

without complications

We don’t like to complicate, and with our billing system, you have the simplicity and flexibility you want. We let you choose how and when to pay and make adjustments when you need them. And, on top of that, if your account is eligible, we’ll get you the best deals you’re entitled to.

An All-in-One solution
with solutions for everyone

Your unified contact point

Our Portfolio for Businesses
  • Google Workspace Business & Enterprise
  • Google Workspace Essentials & Frontline
  • Google Vault & Archived User
  • Cloud Identity Premium
  • Chrome Enterprise Upgrade
  • Google Voice
Our Portfolio for Schools
  • Google Workspace for Education
    (all editions, free and paid)
  • Chrome Education Upgrade



We add our premium support to your Google Workspace account for free. And you also keep the normal Google support, but with an SLA upgrade, which gives your tickets more priority.


Technical Account Manager
We make it really easy for you to talk to the same person every time. Someone you’ll get to know and that will know you and your account.

Proactive, hands-on support
We troubleshoot the issues ourselves, remotely, making everything faster and removing the need for you to do it yourself (unless you prefer to do it).

Focus on Google Workspace
We only work with Google Workspace! No GCP, no Office 365 or Azure, no AWS… We simply offer the best support to “our” favourite solution, without distractions.

The best background
Our background with Google gave us unique knowledge about Google Workspace and all our customers benefit from that.

Did we mention that it’s free?
Yes, our support is free! How? Google gives us a small Partner discount, which allows us to only charge the regular Workspace subscription, without additional fees.


Support Tickets
from our customers

Real-life examples of what we can do for you

“It’s a no-brainer: with Cloud Guardians we pay exactly the same but we have way better support. And we have the peace of mind of knowing that we are not missing features or risking data leaks.”

Stefan Müller


& Migration

If you’re new to Google or the Cloud, or if you’re migrating from another domain or system, or even from a local server, we’ll make sure that nothing is missed or lost during the process.

Time-efficient projects

with minimal impact

Deployments and Migrations can be very disruptive, or even chaotic without the right help. We make sure that your legacy system’s configurations and permissions are replicated to minimize the impact on your workforce, and we ensure that everything happens fast and smoothly, without missing or rushing any step.

Training &


Whether you’ve just moved to Google Workspace or have been using it for years, we’ll train and qualify your users, making them more productive and happy with the tools they work with.

Greg Wolf

“We saw a clear productivity growth after our training sessions. Before, our users struggled with Google tools, especially Google Sheets. Now our users accept those tools because they have the skills to master them.”