We know
Google Workspace

and we love to fix things

Learn a little about our origins, values and methods

Our Origins

The path to Cloud Guardians

Our Background

We provided support and training to Premium Google Workspace customers and Google Partners for years (since 2014 and, in some cases, until 2021).

The Opportunity

Our unique position allowed us to understand 3 things:
– support teams had a clear lack of knowledge and creativity
– only a few support agents were really good
– existing Google Partners needed too much help
All of the above showed us a market need and an opportunity.

From idea to reality

We studied the flaws of support workflows and we decided to make something better, and so we created a company focused on 4 principles:

1. Customer Proximity
We assign a Technical Account Manager for every customer, even the very small ones

2. Quality of Service
We offer better and extended support, and we facilitate easier ways to get it

3. Free Support
Our Premium Support is free. You only pay your regular Google Workspace subscription

4. Rewards for Quality
Our team is rewarded for higher customer satisfaction, not for a higher number of tickets

Our Values

What keeps us going

We are transparent

We are in favour of transparency, in life and in business! Our prices are public and they are the same for everybody that falls under the same conditions. This makes us feel honest with our customers, which greatly improves both our day-to-day work and our long-term relationship with our clients and partners.

We really like Google Workspace

We love what we do, but we don’t pretend Google Workspace is perfect. We know its flaws and its requested features, and we constantly study the competition and the alternatives to the individual apps that are part of Google Workspace and make it the productivity suite with the greatest value. And it’s that constant pursuit for excellence that lets us deliver much better customer service, way beyond the basics of “how-to” or “break-fix” support.

We are committed

We value our customers! We know their names and the stories they told us on previous phone calls. We know their support needs and the features that are important to them, even when they don’t know it themselves. And we are proud of that.

Our Methods

How we do things

We are specialized

Everybody in our team has at least 5 years of experience with Google Cloud support, specifically with Google Workspace, and mostly in Tier 3 support positions or higher. And each one of us is specialized on a part of Google Workspace, ensuring the highest level of individual knowledge about specific topics, and allowing us to create a super team of specialized experts that can handle any type of issue when working together.

We collaborate

We enforce collaborative workflows, and we ensure that everybody understands how effective teamwork can lead to higher customer satisfaction, improve professional fulfilment, and facilitate the acquisition of new skills.
And even our compensation guidelines promote cooperation, so we can all feel that teamwork is the smartest and fastest way to achieve the best possible results for everyone involved.

We do more for our customers

Our support is designed for minimum customer intervention. If we can do something we don’t ask the customer to do it. And we never hide behind sentences like “this is not supported”, even when the subject has little to do with Google Workspace.